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Winter car tires from Continental

  • WinterContact TS 850 P now also available for SUVs
  • Broad product range meets almost every need and includes a tire for electric cars 
  • Multiple recommendations for Continental winter tires from media test teams

Continental offers winter tires for almost all models of car. The Continental WinterContact TS 850 P is designed for more powerful vehicles, now including SUVs, while the ContiWinterContact TS 850 is aimed at mid-range models. The ContiWinterContact TS 800 has proven a great performer on compact cars. And specifically for electric cars, Continental can offer the Conti.eContact with very low rolling resistance. Winter tires from Continental have received top ratings or recommendations in tests conducted by the trade press. As the tire trade journal Neue Reifenzeitung put it: “They scored one success after another”.  The wide range of winter tires available from Continental covers virtually the full line-up of vehicles available in Europe. The leading German tire manufacturer produces car and SUV winter tires for 13- to 22-inch rims, and along with the M+S identifier, all winter tires from Continental also bear the snowflake symbol.

Safety for cars and SUVs: the Continental WinterContact TS 850 P

The Continental WinterContact TS 850 P came onto the market last year. With this tire for mid-range models, luxury limousines, and sports cars, the development engineers at the leading winter tire manufacturer have achieved a noticeable improvement in the performance characteristics of winter tires. For example, the Continental WinterContact TS 850 P outperforms its predecessor both in its handling on snow and dry roads and in its braking performance. This is made possible by the asymmetrical tread design of this winter tire. A new addition in this winter season is a special version for all-wheel-drive SUVs and vans, which along with the product designation bears the letters “SUV” on the sidewall. Continental will be offering this new product at the same price level as its predecessors. Tires are produced for 16- to 20-inch rims.

The ContiWinterContact TS 850: the specialist for compact and lower mid-range cars

In the test reports in trade journals toward the end of last year, the ContiWinterContact TS 850 scored numerous “best in test” results and recommendations. Its directional tread pattern is designed to provide strong grip for linking securely with snow and ice. The standard winter tire from Continental also offers high levels of safety on dry and wet roads as well as impressing through its low rolling resistance. The range of sizes of this popular model will be further extended this winter. Continental produces these tires for 14- to 17-inch rims.

ContiWinterContact™ TS 850

The specialist for the compact class: the ContiWinterContact TS 800

With the proven ContiWinterContact TS 800, Continental boasts a safe winter tire for subcompact and compact models. With good handling characteristics and short stopping distances on wet, snow-covered or icy roads, this tire is a real winter all-rounder for cars such as the Skoda Fabia, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta, and Opel Corsa. It delivers high reserves of safety, thanks largely to the refinement of the proven honeycomb siping in combination with a V-shaped groove structure and an innovative compound concept. This winter tire for compact cars is produced for 13- and 15-inch rims.

For hybrid and electric vehicles: the Conti.eContact Winter

Continental has a winter tire for electric and hybrid vehicles ready for production. Compared to a conventional production tire, this winter specialist, developed specifically for such cars and SUVs, delivers an impressive 30 percent reduction in rolling resistance. In terms of handling on typical wintry road surfaces, the Conti.eContact Winter performs at the same level as standard Continental winter tires. It also performs well under braking on wet roads and offers the same protection against aquaplaning as Continental’s conventional winter tires. Its very narrow tread compared to normal car tires makes for clear advantages in terms of rolling resistance, while a new sidewall design brings progress on the aerodynamic front.

Through this significant reduction in rolling resistance, Continental is aiming to cut the energy requirement of electric cars, helping to extend the operating range of this new class of vehicle. Low rolling resistance is particularly important in winter, because more energy is required than in summer not only to drive the vehicle but also to power the heating and the lights.

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