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Continental Further Expands Capacity of A-Z Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH in Runding

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  • Investment in new foundry expands capacity and improves flexibility for extremely detailed tread patterns – 20 new jobs created
  • Acquisition at end of 2014 highlights the great importance of tire mold engineering for implementation of the Vision 2025 growth strategy in Tire division

A-Z Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH, based in Runding, Bavaria, has been part of Continental since the end of last year. The leading tire manufacturer has integrated into the company one of the most technologically skilled producers of molds required for manufacturing tires. A-Z Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH includes the plant in Runding, Bavaria, and an additional factory in Meclov, Czech Republic. This year, Continental will expand its capacity for extremely detailed tread designs at the Runding location by building a new foundry. As part of this, the corporation intends to invest €6 million in order to meet the ever more complex requirements on tire molds and production performance. Twenty new jobs will be created at the Runding site.

Nikolai Setzer

Nikolai Setzer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental and Head of Tire Division

"The acquisition of A-Z Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH was another significant step on the way to realizing our long-term Vision 2025 strategy," says Nikolai Setzer, Executive Board member for the Tire division, commenting on this strategic step. “The production of the most sophisticated molds with the highest technological quality is essential for us to able to continue to expand our technological expertise at this level, which is so incredibly important for the product characteristics of the tire. By further expanding our capacity, we are making it possible to keep pace with the ever more exacting requirements on tires and their production as well as to fulfill our goal of manufacturing premium tires while driving research and development forward at the highest level."

A-Z Formen und Maschinenbau GmbH was established in 1965 and currently employs approximately 320 people. It is part of Continental subsidiary ContiMachinery, headquartered at the Hanover-Stöcken industrial park.

Timothy Tay

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