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Continental Tyres Selected as Winner and "Eco-Meister" in AutoBild Magazine's Summer Tyre Test

  • ContiPremiumContact 5 receives top "exemplary" rating
  • Less than 10% of the tires receive the top rating
  • Only 18 out of 53 products reached the second round of tests

The ContiPremiumContact 5 has been pronounced the winner of the latest summer tire test of over 50 tire models by AutoBild magazine (12/15 issue), receiving the rating "exemplary." In addition to their very good driving performance, the Continental tires were able to demonstrate their cost-effectiveness and also received the "Eco-Meister" award. This clearly shows that these tires combine top safety features with environmental properties, and thus lead the market. "Exemplary premium tires that are beyond reproach, good steering precision, good safety margins during aquaplaning, short wet and dry braking distances, excellent mileage" summarized the Hamburg experts. The editors tested tires from the popular compact and small car size 185/60 R 15. The test vehicle was a VW Polo. The 18 finalists – manufactured in Europe, America, and Asia – were put through a total of twelve different tests on wet and dry road surfaces. They also underwent an economic evaluation, the results of which were included in the overall assessment.

The editors tested 53 tire models, 35 of which were eliminated in the first round after the assessment of braking distances on wet and dry roads. In total, under 10% of the tires tested passed the strict assessment process with an "exemplary" rating. Likewise, the differences measured between the braking distances represent a massive safety risk for all road users: there was an incredible 37 meters between the winner's braking distance on a wet road surface and that of the tire in last place.

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